The Perfect Day

The Perfect Day 4/9/15

Sustainable, hand-tended produce.

It seems every Spring we search for the perfect day.  That day when everything comes together.  When the fields are dry enough to make beds and transplant/direct seed our crops.  When there’s a forecast of rain to water in the newly planted young plants.  When it’s nice enough to wear a t-shirt, but the wind isn’t blowing hard enough to damage anything.  When what you need to happen happens.

Once the middle of March hits, every farmer around is itching to get into their fields to start their journey out there to provide the earliest produce possible.  This Spring it seemed like the cold would never leave, the ground never thaw and the rain never leave.  It always does though and we have had quite a few ‘perfect days’.

This week to the sound of peepers all around us we’ve planted; peas, carrots, radishes, turnips, kale, salad mix, asian greens, lettuce, chicory and spinach.  There are many plants waiting outside the greenhouse to get planted on another perfect day this weekend.  Fresh vegetables are just a few weeks away!

mottistone, a new lettuce variety we’re excited about!

white oyster mushrooms fruiting!

the end of the day trek back home after a day of deer fence building

garlic poking it’s way out of the ground

hydroponic tomatoes getting tall!

Our Markets this Season:

Washington Crossing Farmer’s Market, Washington Crossing, PA Saturdays 9-1 May – November

Wrightstown Farmer’s Market, Wrightstown, PA Saturdays 9-1 May-November

Easton Farmer’s Market, Easton, PA Wednesdays 4-7 May-October

Asbury Fresh Farmer’s Market, Asbury Park, NJ Sundays 11-4 June-September

Our CSA Shares are still available!

Full and half boxed shares are available for pick up at Washington Crossing, PA and Summer shares are available for Asbury Park, NJ

Our market share is available for use at any one of our farmer’s markets!

Learn more at:

  We look forward to growing with YOU!


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