The Smell Of Seeds

It’s the coldest February recorded since 1934 according to the New York Times.  That’s over 80 Winters and the coldest I’ve seen in my life.  John and I were discussing last year, and looking through our notes.  We were in the fields 10 days from now a year ago and both sporting t-shirts in one lovely photo, which now seems so far away.

I’ve been working on my tan though.  We’ve been spending a lot more time in the greenhouse, getting everything ready and starting our seeds.  On sunny days it gets to be about 80 degrees in there, which can feel quite heavenly this time of year.

Recently I’ve been smelling seeds.  They’re delicious, with my favorite being carrot seeds.  Every seed has it’s own exquisite smell and mixing those smells with the smell of the potting soil and the warm greenhouse air has a certain effect on a person.  With these freezing temperatures, this experience seems even more special.

We pushed back firing up the greenhouse for a couple weeks to save on heat costs.  However that didn’t stop us.  We rigged up our spare bedroom with grow lights and our heat mats so we could still start our seeds on time.  Today we moved them to their new home in the greenhouse where they are enjoying this snow storm from the warmth of the greenhouse, their new leaves reaching towards the Sun.

We are excited to announce our markets for the 2015 growing season so far:

Easton Farmer’s Market: Wednesdayevenings May-October
Wrightstown Farmer’s Market (limited vegetables!): Saturdays 9-1 May-November
Washington Crossing Farmer’s Market (Box Shares available!): Saturdays 9-1 May-November
Pennington Farmer’s Market (just mushrooms!): Saturdays 9-1 May-October
Asbury Fresh Farmer’s Market (Box Shares available!): Sundays 11-4 June-September

And as always, our Market Share is available for pickup at any of these markets!

Happy March to you all!

CSA Shares are filling up fast, but are still available!  Visit our website for more details.  Pick-up in Washington Crossing, PA and Asbury Park, NJ.

fresh greens in Winter!

Root vegetable wraps!

 Spinach stretching it’s arms

 the first tomatoes!

Bed of snow


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