New Beginnings in The Midst of Winter

In the middle of one of the coldest Winters I can remember, we are finding ourselves starting new projects and feeling the oncoming of Spring with each project completed.  We are very excited to become full-on mushroom producers this year, with our new grow room close to completion and with that, quite a few new skills learned.  I can now proudly say that I can frame a door, build a room, do electric wiring and hold many tools with a firmer grip.

Displaying IMG_2411.jpg

Displaying IMG_2437.jpg

In less then a month we will be putting up our high tunnel for super early baby greens and carrots and planting our greenhouse tomatoes, which should be ripe by the end of May!

Displaying IMG_2303.jpg

Through the snow and ice we have been putting up a sturdier deer fence to help prevent any future heads of perfect lettuce from being eaten!

Displaying IMG_2476.jpg

Our CSA sign-up season is well underway and it seems many of you are looking forward to the oncoming of Spring as much as we are.  This year we are offering both a box share and a market share.  The box share will be available at the Washington Crossing Farmer’s Market and at the Asbury Fresh Farmer’s Market.  We are offering both a half share(5-10 pounds!) and a full share (10-20 pounds!), both with pick-up every week.

Our market share is available at any market that we do and is not limited to just one market.  This share option gives you the ability to choose the produce you’d like, when you’d like it.

Tomorrow we start our first seeds in the warm greenhouse.  With the oncoming snow, I have a feeling it will be a peaceful, serene, first greenhouse day.  On the schedule to start is; our greenhouse tomatoes, spinach, onions and leeks!


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