Giving Thanks

As we come to the end of our first year there is so very much to be thankful for. Our farm has grown and changed in so many ways, breathing in a life of it’s very own. Thinking about when we first looked at the land, fields overgrown with grass, an old concrete pad where our greenhouse is now, it boggles my mind to think of how much a few people can get done in a single year and how beautifully a parcel of land can mold into something you hold close to your heart.

As we are preparing for Thanksgiving on this snowy day there are quite a few people we would like to extend our gratitude to.

First and foremost to Jane and Jason our landowners, for their endless supply of support, encouragement and kindness, they are truly something special. And along with them, Martha Pickles Washington their bulldog for her endless love for our dog Dixie.
Will, our property manager for helping us make basically anything out of basically nothing, teaching us about building/welding/tractors/life and bringing so much enthusiasm and intelligence into everything he does.
Patty Spock for all the times she came out full of vigor and excited to weed. She brought so much joy to the farm and was always willing to help out with just about anything and let us talk to her about whatever was stressing us out that day. We appreciate you so much.
Charlie Spock for lending us equipment, helping out at farmers markets and taking care of Dixie.
Joe, Sharon, Mark and Ali Squicciarino for all your help at the farm when John was away on his internship this October. Joe, for listening to and answering our endless business/financial questions.
Di and Lisa of DeAnna’s restaurant and Rory of Blue Bottle Cafe for always helping us to change our schedules around based on markets and things that had to get done at the farm. Your encouragement this Summer uplifted us so much.
Steve of Great Road Farm for allowing us to start our transplants in his greenhouse and taking care of them. It was a pleasure getting to see your face those first few weeks.
Andrew and Lindsay of Double Brook Farm for allowing us to bother them with questions about things from the past, letting us borrow things we couldn’t yet purchase, and entertaining us when we were on 4 hours of sleep and stopped by.
Jean Martin-Fortier of The Market Gardener for helping us to believe that you can make a living off of 2 acres and the endless amount of information about permanent beds we received from your book.
All of the market managers, workers and volunteers at our many markets this Season. They all work so hard and dedicate so much of their time to getting good food to their community, it has been incredible to see.
All of our friends for their encouragement and excitement about our endeavor. Also, for remaining our friends even though you barely saw us the past 6 months.
Last, but certainly not least, all of our customers and local community. All the praise, kindness and vegetable love we felt from you was unending and allowed us to push through the hardest of days.

We are so excited to start planning for next year’s markets and CSA, start producing mushrooms and welcome even more people into our hearts. Thank you all!


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