These cooler temperatures have made work much more pleasant and enjoyable, and unfortunately have brought on the flu for all three of us, Stephanie, John and our dog Dixie.  Of course right about the time that this happened, the rain that was supposed to come never came, our irrigation pump broke and then couldn’t be fixed, strawberries came needing to be planted and the deer ate a bunch of crops that the row cover blew off of during one night.

Needless to say it was a bit of a hard week, but as we begin to recover we are even more appreciative for what we have and what our farm means to us.  We got a new pump, the strawberries are starting to get planted while some sit in the cooler waiting for free time over the weekend, we planted more of certain crops the deer liked so we still have plenty to go around and it’s supposed to rain soon!

This week:



Salad Mix

Head Lettuce

Bok Choy







Summer Squash

Winter Squash






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