Greens Galore!

I find that in the Summer months I tend to crave greens all the time.  We’ve literally been eating an arugula salad with peaches, Gorgonzola cheese and an apple cider vinaigrette twice a week for about 2 months straight now.  We have so many greens available to us locally in the Spring and Fall but rarely in the Summer.  Our goal is to always be able to offer a green, and we’ve succeeded this Summer.  This week we have more then all you fellow green lovers could hope for!

We made our beds to plant strawberries this week and they should be in the ground by the end of the month(June can’t come soon enough!!).  We’ve also been dealing with the same lack of rain.  I would say by this point we are in a drought.  But the cool nights and dewy mornings have helped a bit.

We are also changing our CSA program a little bit.  We are still doing our market share but will also be offering a boxed share at some of our markets next year.  Exciting times!!

This week:



Salad Mix

Bok Choy

Lettuce Heads (romaine and butterhead)

Broccoli Raab

Peppers (sweet, bell, shishito and hot)




Acorn Squash



Husk Cherries



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