Our first fall crops are coming in as the changing of the seasons begins.  Though the days have been heating up recently, September is almost here.  Families are getting the last of their Summer adventures in before the routine of Fall starts again.  Though this Summer hasn’t been that hot I must admit I am looking forward to the chilly mornings and cool Fall breezes.

We are moving to the farm this month and couldn’t be more excited!  Though it probably means that we’ll work a heck of a lot more, there will be a lot less driving around and a lot less concern about lettuces being munched on by deer when we leave for the day.  Little things can be taken care of easily, without the 20 minute drive back to the farm in the evening on hot days.  Huge lunches are planned with ingredients from the farm, as well as mid day siestas on the 90 degree Summer days.

Our plants are changing too as certain plants are producing less, some a lot more (so many colored peppers!!), and getting their last huge growth spurt on before the shorter days and cooler temperatures.  The deer snuck in and ate all the peas out of a cover crop we hadn’t fenced in yet, but who can blame them with these long hot days and no new growth?  We finally had an inch and a half of rain last week, and both breathed a long sigh of relief at getting a break from running irrigation.

This week!!!

Bok Choy



Salad Mix


Heirloom/Slicing/Cherry Tomatoes

Sweet/Bell/Shishito/Hot Peppers

Italian/Japanese Eggplant


Yellow/Red Onions

Husk Cherries


Summer Squash





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