Balancing Life

It’s strange to think that we are already in almost the middle of August.  It seems to me that Summer just started, but that’s probably due to the lack of intense heat.  We’ve still been rising early to get the most work done before the Sun and heat sets in, but now it’s pitch black when we wake up.  The drive over the New Hope bridge as the sun is rising could fill my heart for days.

We’ve been devouring all the vegetable we possibly can recently, many in the field, many at home.  There’s nothing quite so satisfying as eating a 4 course dinner using almost only vegetables from the farm, and cheese, lots of cheese.  It’s very easy at the end of another long, tiring day at the farm to not want to cook, but once I get going I’m always so glad that I started.

Our winter squash are getting huge, the tomatoes are booming and all of our fall crops are starting to emerge from the ground.  Spinach will be back very soon as well as many other cool weather vegetables we all enjoy.

Look for my mom and dad at market this weekend at Ottsville Friday from 3-7 and Washington Crossing Saturday from 9-1.  We’re going to a wedding (that I grew the flowers for!!!), and the amazing woman that she is, she offered to work the markets for us.

This week!!

Heirloom Tomatoes

Slicing Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes

Husk Cherries


Colored Bell Peppers

Orange Sweet Peppers

Red Frying Peppers

Summer Squash (Zucchini, Yellow and Patty Pan)


Cippolini Onions

Red Onions

Loose Beets

Green Beans

Swiss Chard


Eggplant (regular and Japanese)

Salad Mix

Hot Peppers



New Hope/Lambertville sunrise


Sunrise and dew


The best sweet peppers ever!!


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