Once the end of June hits, I’m dying for those first ripe tomatoes.  Since we’ve started markets in May, I think we get asked at least 4 times per market, “No tomatoes yet?”.  For the past few weeks, every day I’ve made a quick pass through the tomato field to spot that first speckling of pink.  I’ve made up many of a reason to have to wander past those plants.  Finally, the tomatoes are starting to come and we are so excited to bring them to you!

We have big plans next year to have our tomatoes much earlier.  We’ve invested in a hydroponic system so we can grow super early tomatoes in our greenhouse (we should have them by the end of May next year!) and we’re also looking into getting a high tunnel for those delicious heirloom tomatoes that everyone craves.  We’ve gotten advice from other farmers on ways to make the high tunnel tomatoes produce earlier as well.  This will definitely help with the patience I try to hold onto when waiting for that first juicy bite of tomato.  Maybe it’s the dehydration but I find I’m craving them more and more so.

This weekend at market!

Carrots (colored!)


Tropea Onions and Spring Onions!

Salad Mix


Green Beans


Swiss Chard



Summer Squash

Tomatoes (the first few, get there early!!)





Peppers (shishito, jalapeno, frying and bell)


Swimming hole at the farm

Swimming hole at the farm

Colored Carrots!

Colored Carrots!

Beautiful bouquets from the farm

Beautiful bouquets from the farm


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